Tuesday, April 15, 2014

some things I've made this month....

Here are some of the things I've made during March and April

funky bright fluro doorstops

popular framed fabric word art

appliqued wall hanging

applique close up

stitching the leaves

iconic Melbourne doorstops - very popular - getting to the end of this fabric now, so won't be able to make any more once it's gone :(

hanging map of Australia

mini owl pincushions

lime green and pink birdy wreath

mini patchwork pin cushions

kids seaside cushions

and lucky last....a framed applique map of love between two families living in Africa and Australia

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

cushions for kids...

Some cushions I've made

can't resist a bit of Dr Suess fabric

cute pastel elephants 

for the dog lover 

kids love a pile of cushions

Friday, February 28, 2014

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

i love a sunburnt country...

I've had a great time making some large hanging maps of Australia this month.  The fabrics are just so stunning and vibrant and are a joy to play around with.  I love songs and poems about Australia, and this inspired me to include these familiar sayings on the wall hangings.

I'm stocking them in two shops now... Page 8 in Mornington and Davies & Son in Hampton

Page 8 Mornington

words from here...Advance Australia Fair

words from here...i still call Australia home

I've also  made some without wording.  My maps started out smaller and I had them framed, (as in top picture) but soon discovered how popular they were for sending overseas. Due to customer demand I have now made them in hanging form as they are much easier to roll up for posting or to take on the plane overseas. 

They make wonderful presents...they have gone to far off places such as Sweden, Singapore, and London as well as here locally.

the lucky country

a little tour of Davies & Son

wall of framed fabric word art and happy birthday bunting

hanging map of Australia 'give me a home among the gum trees'

framed maps of Australia

gorgeous homewares

Basil Bangs umbrellas and cushions also here

Lindy Loo cushions

hanging birdy wreaths 

and lucky last...one of my favourites

John Williamson sings for the late Steve Irwin give me a home among the gum trees

Friday, February 14, 2014

what about Keith?

back to school and trying to find my mojo/sewjo...

The kids have gone back to school and as much as I loved spending time with them over the holidays by the end of January I was well and truly ready for my own space.  We've had some really hot days where I just didn't feel like doing anything...it's was way too hot and I felt like those animals at the zoo - just lying around in the coolest spot.  February is a very hot month and I always feel stagnated during this time.  A very busy time leading up to Christmas, relaxing during January, it's hard to get restarted again in February. I had lost my sewing mojo...my sewjo was nowhere to be seen.

There's nothing like discovering some new fabrics to get the motivation back.  I found this wonderful panel of fabric at my local Spotlight store...it's a map of the world and decided straight away I had to make a mini quilt for my nephew's 1st birthday.

I stitched around all the countries with my embroidery thread while happily catching up on all my TV shows

here's a close up of Europe...there is so much colourful detail and cultural icons ..it is sure to capture a child's imagination.  The fabric is called 'what a world' by Jill McDonald

made some more fabric word arts for Fresco House and Flowers

inspired by lyrics sung by Billy Joel

and made some more softie soccer balls...the fun part is putting all the different fabrics together

Feels great to have my sewjo back!!

Muddy Waters - I Got My Mojo Working